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  • Sr. QA Lead

    Sr. QA Lead

    Overall, the position of Sr. QA Lead is expected to partner with the organization to:


    • Detecting program defects (bugs), through analyzing, tracking and regression testing.
    • Work along with and assist the development team and project.
    • Manage internal QA team (including but not limited to; task assignment and monitoring).
    • Game builds coordination and implementation.
    • Liaison support with outsourcing and publisher.
    • Setup and manage weekly playtest.
    • Test software/hardware for ease of use, reliability, and absence of program defects within game
    • Responsible for the execution of test plans on pre-release versions of software and for testing and using hardware.
    • Responsible for input and management of game defects within the DTS (Defect Tracking System) for their title
    • Provide accurate and up to date information of their titles progress to management
    • Provide support for staff members and titles within test



    REQUIRED SKILLS – This section outlines skills necessary to perform the function. Examples of skill categories are:


    • Understanding of the QA test cycle and process within QA
    • Good communication skills (management, peers and testing staff)
    • Solid time management and multi-tasking skills
    • Experience within Software QA industry
    • Proficiency in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and FTP coordination.
    • Experience with game design / game evaluation.

    Please contact Angelic at if interested.