Social Media Video Producer

Animal Jam is the world's biggest online playground for kids, with 55 million users worldwide. We enable kids to become their favorite animals and play together while learning about science and the natural world. We are a licensee of National Geographic, and get to leverage their multimedia libraries in the content we create. Social media has become a big big part of what we do and what we are: essentially, a safe social network for kids 9-13.

Players watch over 4500 hours of video in the AJ virtual world and app every day. Our social media channels are big and growing fast. Our audience leans female, and the gamer community that has emerged around AJ is super creative, smart, and engaged. Search 'Animal Jam' on YouTube and you'll see some amazing fan channels they've created.

So that's us.

We want you to come make gonzo social media videos and stuff with us. It'll be fun.

You'll need to be very, very good at that, with a channel of your own that makes us shake our heads in disbelief that one person could be so funny, crazy, technically proficient, and creative without us already knowing about them. It would be helpful if you also happen to be way into wildlife conservation and encouraging tween girls to pursue science/tech/engineering/arts/math careers.

You'll get to work for the hottest game company east of the Jordan river, with great pay & benefits.

Send your link and resume to careers [at] wildworks[dot]com. Equal opportunity everything.

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