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Utah has incredible creative and technological talent - but it seems like that's a secret - almost like the great quality of life offered here.  UDEN is important because it is helping build a community of all the great digital entertainment niches we have - and it needs our support in as many ways as we can give.  Together we can grow what is already here, ensuring careers  and prosperity right in the place we choose to live

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    We have a lot of work to do... but there is a catch.  Without support, none of this matters.  Good people have tried something like this before and given up.

    • If YOU like what we’re planning to do here, YOU need to help us make it happen.
    • UDEN isn’t just the organizers – we’re all willing volunteers.
    • Help us help you help us all

    We have established three membership types - all FREE:

    Creator- someone who is actively creating digital entertainment in Utah (both corporate and individual);

    Examples: game developer, script writer, film director, indie game studio, VFX artist, game designer, post-production company, film director, game producer etc  JOIN AS A CREATOR

    Associate - someone who supports digital entertainment in Utah (both corporate and individual);

    Examples: providing goods or services - marketing, legal, financial, tools, technologies, investor, incubator, sponsors etc JOIN AS AN ASSOCIATE MEMBER

    GROUP - an association or regular meeting of people who are involved with digital entertainment in Utah

    Examples: consumers, creators, students or other types of supporters of the industry that have a group purpose or mission - script writing associations, video game playing groups, film makers, mobile game maker associations etc - join here and keep help us direct new members to you!  Even if you joined as an individual, get your group listed in its own right REGISTER YOUR GROUP

    NOTE: You require a different email address to join as a GROUP than you use when registering as an individual


    You'll be helping us create a more viable, sustainable ecosystem for the creators of digital entertainment content and technology in Utah.  The bigger our community, the more effective we can be. 

    You'll be able to attend our regular membership meetings, network with fellow industry professionals, gain valuable insights into new technologies, business practices, opportunities and more.

    Plus every now and then, we get some great discounts just for UDEN members.

    Above all, it's your chance to be a part of building this community for the benefit of everyone in it.

    • We need YOU to support our activities, HELP us by DOING something that gets us to these goals faster
    • BE A PART of this in whatever way you can
    • Come to our regular membership meetings and participate
    • Offer to help other members if they have needs you can supply
    • Volunteer to be on one of our committees – just a few hours a month
    • If you see one of our social media posts, please share them in your own networks – some of you are doing this – and it really makes a difference
    • If you can afford to sponsor one of our meetings at your location – please reach out to us
    • Help us compile the lists of companies and groups, dates of upcoming events etc
    • If we’re truly a community, then we’ll do this together

    #LetsDoThis #MakeItHappen

  • If you create digital entertainment in Utah - sign up below!

    Company or individual, we'll be honored to have you join our community!

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