We have a lot of work to do... but there is a catch.  Without support, none of this matters.  Good people have tried something like this before and failed.

  • If YOU like what we’re planning to do here, YOU must help it happen.
  • UDEN isn’t the committee – we’re all willing volunteers.
  • Help us help you help us all

We have established three membership types - all FREE:

Creator- someone who is actively creating digital entertainment in Utah (both corporate and individual);

Examples: game developer, script writer, film director, indie game studio, VFX artist, game designer, post-production company, film director, game producer etc

Associate - someone who supports digital entertainment in Utah (both corporate and individual);

Examples: providing goods or services - marketing, legal, financial, tools, technologies, investor, incubator, sponsors etc

GROUP - an association or regular meeting of people who are involved with digital entertainment in Utah

Examples: consumers, creators, students or other types of supporters of the industry that have a group purpose or mission - script writing associations, video game playing groups, film makers, mobile game maker associations etc - join here and keep help us direct new members to you!  Even if you joined as an individual, get your group listed in its own right

  • We need YOU to support our activities, HELP us by DOING something that gets us to these goals faster
  • BE A PART of this in whatever way you can
  • Come to our regular membership meetings and participate
  • Offer to help other members if they have needs you can supply
  • Volunteer to be on one of our committees – just a few hours a month
  • If you see one of our social media posts, please share them in your own networks – some of you are doing this – and it really makes a difference
  • If you can afford to sponsor one of our meetings at your location – please reach out to us
  • Help us compile the lists of companies and groups, dates of upcoming events etc
  • If we’re truly a community, then we’ll do this together

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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • Don Suite/ Suite Sauce /Composer/Need Music for any Film I have the Technology.
  • Excited to be on board!