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  • Web Designer

    Craft Lake City is looking for digital content superstars! Flex your creative muscles while working with the DIY Dream Team—if we do say so ourselves. Come to the rescue of a local non-profit organization that lives to champion the local maker scene.

    Positions are contract, seasonal, part-time and flexible as to the when/where/how. Save the day by sending your résumé to craftlakecity [at] with the subject line “MAKE ME YOUR (POSITION TITLE)!”

    Job Description: Web Designer

    The Web Designer will help Craft Lake City create the web site of its dreams. Let’s keep things casual at first, with the potential for things to get more serious if it feels right.


    • Work hand-in-hand with the Craft Lake City team to re-imagine the web site, implementing new navigation and content
    • Implement a new WordPress theme
    • Use your expertise to find the perfect match between our WordPress theme and the plugins/customizations that will complete it
    • Help us keep the home fires burning with periodic updates to the web site


    • WordPress pro! (or aspiring pro)
    • All the basics: Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic; reliable, punctual, honest, friendly; life-long lover of learning; can bend without breaking; sees the big picture but cares about the little things
    • Community-minded and interested in making cool stuff, digital and otherwise


    • Portfolio of your best work
    • Can at least pronounce html, css and javascript
    • Hands-on experience with Adobe Creative Suite would make us pleased as punch
    • Ability to spend 10+ hours per week making our web site dreams a reality


    • $400 stipend OR college credit
    • Bragging rights forever