Unity Plug In Developer or Team Member

My name is Tim Cooley.  Our company, Random Breakfast, is looking for someone who has app development experience, specifically in native Android and iOS.  If you are interested in joining our team, from an equity point of view that would be great.

If not and are looking for funding, then we would love to through out the idea of creating a unity plug in that you could have full ownership of and take all proceeds from that plug in.  We would love to be your test subject and first client.

One issue we are having is connecting FitBit to devices through Unity.  The nly plug in that allows for webviewing uses WebView, which FitBit prohibits.  FitBit has the largest market share on wearable devices and games like ours, StepPets, need this special connection in order to sync with FitBit.

While we would love to have another team member we would lve to give any person with the skills needed the opportunity to go down either path.


If you have any questions about the project or are interested in helping please contact me, Tim Cooley via phone (619) 301 - 9180 or email timlcooley@gmail.com

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